Attack On Titan Mobile By Julhiecio

AOT thiết bị di động (Cancelled)

is an Android FANGAMEbased on the anime Attaông xã on Tirã (Shingeki no Kyojin)

The game is Offline & Online, being able khổng lồ play alone or in group.

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The objective of the game is lớn survive and kill as many titans as possible and collect money to buy equipment & characters.







• I ask you lớn underst&, please.

• All versions will continue lớn be available for download on this site.

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• The online multiplayer servers remained online indefinitely.


Thank you for playing!


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Status Canceled
Platforms Android
Genre Action, Adventure
Tags 3 chiều, Action-Adventure, Multiplayer


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Carmicheal32 days ago
I cant believe sầu are on the edge of one of the greathử nghiệm anime games ever made.aot has a huge fanbase.this can get you on traông chồng.or u think that stupid detháng slayer game you made has sense.its dumb.dont be a coward and. Update & add nội dung.


nghienanchoi.com32 days ago
bro, read the game description please.


Carmicheal32 days ago(+1)
that does can vị it.atleast finish the game with one last update.i believe in you.dont let us down


Sofia2223457 days ago
айфоноВ для оТдельнО создАть можетЕ


Puripat07115862 days ago


Lambert0202wow. Com64 days ago
I love sầu it